Don’t Have a Pinterest Wedding

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It seems like every week you see that one of your Facebook friends has had a gorgeous, expensive, Pinterest-worthy wedding. It’s hard not to be jealous. There’s nothing wrong with having a beautiful wedding with a fantastic budget, but don’t feel like you must have the biggest and the “best” in order to have a beautiful wedding.

I love Pinterest. I love looking at weddings on Pinterest. I’m a wedding photographer, after all! But sometimes I wonder if Pinterest can do more harm than good.

Yes, Pinterest is a great way to find ideas to incorporate into your wedding. However, those ideas should be things that reflect the love of  you and your future spouse. If the idea you find on Pinterest is beautiful and has been pinned 5,000 times, but doesn’t reflect your personalities, don’t do it.

Remember that your wedding day is about you and the person you are committing to spending the rest of your life with. When you show your children and grandchildren your wedding photos, don’t you want your wedding to look like it was about you and the life you were about to begin?

I hope your wedding is a beautiful reflection of your love.


9 thoughts on “Don’t Have a Pinterest Wedding

  1. Vickie says:

    This such a great way to look at Pinterest. I feel the exact same way, I hope brides take this into consideration when planning their unique wedding!

  2. Catherine says:

    I got married pre-pintrest and I’ve found lots of party ideas I loved from there and thought “if only pinterest were around then”. However I can safely say that I loved my wedding and it was ‘us’. It might not have been pinterest worthy but it was exactly what we wanted and this is a great reminder to brides to be true to who you are as a couple.

  3. Leah B says:

    Agreed! Pinterest Weddings should be for inspiration only – not a direct representation! This goes for baking off pinterest too 🙂

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