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How Pixieset Works

Hey there! My post today is a little different than what you normally see on my blog. I have been using Pixieset as an online gallery for my clients for a while, and I LOVE it! It has so many benefits for both the photographer and the client. I love using online galleries to get my images to my amazing clients. They’re faster than burning discs, you can share them with anyone you like, and you can save them to multiple devices with just a few clicks! I’m so excited to be able to show you how Pixieset works and how it might be right for you!

Viewing Your Gallery

If you have a photo session with me and choose to receive your images through an online gallery, then when I am finished uploading my edited images I will send you an email with a link to your gallery. You can also type the URL into your internet search bar. Once you click on that link, you will be taken to a page like this:


You have to enter your email address in order to view the gallery. If the gallery is password protected, the password will be at the bottom of your email.

Downloading Your Images

In order to download all of the images at once, click on the download icon. It is the downward pointing arrow that is in between the heart icon and the share button.


After clicking the download icon, you will be redirected to a screen similar to the one below. You will have to enter your email address and the four-digit pin number you received in your gallery email.


You will have the option to select which size of images you will like. I recommend choosing “Original.” Then click the “Start Download” button.


For weddings or shoots with more photos than usual, you will be given a link to a zip file as soon as the images finish downloading. You can find instructions online on how to unzip a zipped folder. Make sure the images you unzip are JPEG or .JPG files. They should be crystal clear, not pixellated.

You can also download individual photos if you would like. Simply click on the one image you would like to download and click the “download” button.

Favoriting Your Images

One of my favorite parts of Pixieset is the ability to favorite your images. Anyone that you give access to your gallery can make their own favorites list. In order to mark a favorite, hold your mouse over the photo and click the heart icon.


You will be asked to enter your email address to start a favorites list. Each time you come back to your gallery, you can look at your favorites again by clicking the heart icon on the top of the gallery. You will have to provide the email address you gave when you made your favorites list.


You can choose to download only your favorites by going to your favorites screen and clicking the “download” button.7

Isn’t this awesome? I feel like it is SO much easier than having a disc…especially since some companies are making laptops without disc drives! I offer either Pixieset galleries or discs to my clients, as everyone has their own preference. However, with clients that have family members that live states away, the easiest way to share their photos with people they love is through an online gallery. I hope you found this post helpful!


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