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Wedding Photography Part 3: Bridal Details

When I first started my blog, I began a series on the different parts of photographing a wedding. Today I’m bringing you part three: details!

After I arrive to the room where the bride is getting ready, I gather up a few items: her dress, shoes, invitations, rings, jewelry, veil, bouquet, garter and the bride’s something old, new, borrowed,and blue. The photos of these exquisite objects typically end up being some of my favorites from the entire wedding day. I’ve already shared a blog post on how I photograph a wedding dress, but here are some more photos of beautiful wedding gowns!

If a dress has a lot of details, I take plenty of up-close shots of those as well.

Sometimes the bride has the veil in her hair if the hairstylist already put it in themselves, but if she doesn’t, I photograph it next!

My favorite items to photograph on the wedding day are the three wedding rings. There are SO many ways you can style wedding rings. I like taking some photos with a simple background to start off with, like in these photos.

Another way to style wedding rings is by using the bride’s bouquet.


Sometimes I bring other unique elements into the photograph that help show off the type of decorations the bride and groom have chosen for their wedding. For example, this shot was taken from a wedding that happened in front of a barn.11

This photo was from Brittany and Joshua‘s wedding back in May! The backdrop was the clutch Brittany used to carry her lipstick and tissues in. 13

Even though the wedding rings are my favorite pieces of jewelry, I also borrow the bride’s necklace, earrings, bracelets, pins, etc. to get some photos of those items as well!

Lastly, I grab the shoes, invitations/paper items, bouquet, and any other special pieces that the bride would like photographed.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’ll be doing a sort of “Part Two” of this post soon talking about a few unique details that may take a few extra dollars in out of your wedding planning budget, but are TOTALLY worth it! Be on the lookout for that!


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