Three Things Every Bride Should Have While Getting Ready

Hello again! A little while back I did a blog post on how I shoot bridal details on a wedding day. This is a sort of “Part Two” on that subject regarding THREE details that I think EVERY bride should incorporate into her getting-ready process! These are a few of things that I recommend every bride bring with her to make the photos of her getting ready with her girlfriends all the more put together.

1.Getting Ready Robes

One thing that can make your photos look so much nicer is to have all of the girls getting ready in the bridal suite wear matching getting ready outfits!

At Lisa’s wedding, she wore a white robe that said “Bride” across the back. So cute!

5758Jillian and her three bridesmaids wore matching pink and white striped robes with their monograms on the pockets. BOWEN-46BOWEN-95

2. A Cute Hanger

One of the biggest things that brides forget is to buy a pretty hanger for their wedding dress! You don’t have to splurge on a custom-made hanger with your new last name on it; rather, you can buy a simple wooden or silk hanger and decorate it yourself! Your wedding gown probably cost a lot of money – why not spend a little extra finding a pretty hanger to put it on?


3. Your Wedding Invitation

I LOVE when my brides send me an invitation to their wedding! Even though they already know that I will be there, it is such a sweet gesture! If you send me a wedding invitation, I will bring it with me to incorporate it into the photos of your bridal details. However, if you don’t send me one, please bring one with you to the location where you will be getting ready! This is the spot where I will be doing photos of your details, including your dress, rings, garter, veil, etc. Your wedding invitation is something that is unique to YOU and only you! Other brides around the world might have your exact wedding dress or wedding ring. However, no other bride will have a wedding invitation EXACTLY like yours with your name and your future husband’s name!


I hope these tips helped you out, future brides!


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