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Wedding Photography Part 4: The Bride Getting Ready

Happy Saturday!  I’ve got a TON of images to share with you today, so let’s get right into it.

One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is when the bride is getting ready with her bridesmaids. Everyone has wedding day jitters, and she is about to put on her wedding dress for the final time. If the bride is getting her hair and make-up done at the venue, that is typically what has started when I arrive to the bridal suite.1234

After her hair and make-up is all finished, I get some photos of the bride in her getting ready outfit before she steps into her dress.


After the bride gets all dolled up, it is time to get into her wedding gown!


The jewelry and veil become finishing touches.


It is always so fun to snap some photos of the bride with the people who have helped her get ready for her special day.


Dogs are people, too!


There is something SO special about the few hours that a bride spends getting ready with her closest girlfriends. It’s the last time she will spend with her best friends as an unmarried woman, and the excitement in the room is palpable.


-One thing that is CRUCIAL to have in the bridal suite is LIGHT! I always encourage brides to get ready in a room with lot of natural light and minimal clutter. Having a clean and bright space to get ready in not only makes the photographs even more beautiful, it also helps to create a stress-free environment, which is so important for a wedding day. Whether you get ready in your home or in the bridal suite of your wedding venue, try to make sure it is as clean and open as possible before I get there to start shooting.

-Wait to put on your jewelry until after you get dressed. This way I can get photos of you putting in your gorgeous wedding day earrings while you’re in your wedding gown!

-Buy some cute robes or oversized button up shirts for you and your bridesmaids to get ready in! They will look SO much cuter in photos than sweatpants and dirty t-shirts!

I hope you love these photographs and have found these tips helpful. With 2016’s wedding season almost over, it is so fun for me to look back on different weddings I have shot in the last couple of years and remember how much fun they were!


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