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Three Tips For Your Engagement Session

Happy Sunday!

Today’s blog post features THREE tips for every couple that is planning their engagement session! Some of my clients have never had a professional photo shoot done of themselves, let alone an engagement session. It can be hard to figure out how to dress or what to bring, but hopefully today’s blog post will help you feel a little more confident as you approach your engagement session. I’m using a few examples from Brittany and Josh’s engagement session at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens!

1. Two Outfits:

I always recommend bringing two separate outfits. If you are doing two outfits, you should bring one that is more casual and one that is a little more fancy. If you want to look for good color combinations, search “engagement photo outfit ideas” on Pinterest. There are tons of amazing ideas on there, and I have found that when couples really take time to pick their outfits, it will REALLY help their photos look even better! I even have a Pinterest board of my own that I send to couples that need a little extra help choosing their outfits. Don’t choose outfits that are too “matchy-matchy” (such as both of you wearing red and white striped tops and jeans); instead, choose complementary colors, fabrics that blend well together, etc.


2. Clean Your Ring:

Make sure that you either have your ring professionally cleaned or clean it yourself with a DIY recipe from Pinterest and a toothbrush! One mixture that I have found really works is to put a drop of dishwashing liquid and fourth of a cup of vinegar in a bowl. Mix it together and use a toothbrush to scrub your ring. I’ll be taking a lot of up-close photographs of your engagement ring, so you want to make sure it is sparkly and clean!


3. Bring Props:

I LOVE when couples bring props that are unique and special to them and their relationship. Examples of this could be a quilt that you use at picnics together or a sign that someone has made for your wedding. I typically do not bring props of my own to engagement sessions, as they are not meaningful in your relationship. Do you love to go to UT football games? Bring your t-shirts! Do you like to picnic in the park? Bring a picnic basket, food, and a blanket!



I hope these tips are helpful for you if you are planning your engagement session!

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