Ashlee + John // April 1, 2017 – Knoxville, Tennessee Wedding

I am so excited to share some photos from Ashlee and John‘s wedding with you all! I photographed their big day at Happily Ever After at the Barn on the first of April, and it was one of my favorite weddings EVER. Their wedding was perfectly decorated to match their personalities and lifestyle, and the entire day was so relaxing and fun. We rode around on golf carts to different gorgeous spots on and off the property for portraits, and  the lighting and weather was so perfect all day long! It was a photographer’s dream come true. Here are some of my favorites from their big day.

Videographer: Nunn Photography

Dress: David’s Bridal

Makeup Artist: Sam Hollingsworth

Hair Stylist: Emily at New Creations Salon and Spa

Cake: Everything’s Iced

Venue + Rentals: Happily Ever After at the Barn


Such a sweet moment…I love the way Ashlee’s mom is looking at her little girl.

ASHLEEJOHN-12ASHLEEJOHN-13ASHLEEJOHN-14ASHLEEJOHN-15ASHLEEJOHN-16Jayna Watkins PhotographyASHLEEJOHN-17ASHLEEJOHN-18Jayna Watkins PhotographyASHLEEJOHN-19ASHLEEJOHN-20Jayna Watkins PhotographyJayna Watkins PhotographyASHLEEJOHN-21ASHLEEJOHN-22ASHLEEJOHN-23ASHLEEJOHN-24ASHLEEJOHN-25ASHLEEJOHN-26ASHLEEJOHN-27Jayna Watkins PhotographyJayna Watkins PhotographyASHLEEJOHN-28ASHLEEJOHN-29ASHLEEJOHN-30ASHLEEJOHN-31ASHLEEJOHN-32ASHLEEJOHN-33Ashlee and John chose to not do a first look. Instead, they shared a sweet moment on either side of a door at the barn! They got to talk to each other for a few minutes before the ceremony.ASHLEEJOHN-34Jayna Watkins PhotographyJayna Watkins PhotographyJayna Watkins PhotographyASHLEEJOHN-35ASHLEEJOHN-36ASHLEEJOHN-37ASHLEEJOHN-38Jayna Watkins PhotographyASHLEEJOHN-39ASHLEEJOHN-40Jayna Watkins PhotographyASHLEEJOHN-41Jayna Watkins PhotographyJayna Watkins PhotographyASHLEEJOHN-42Jayna Watkins PhotographyASHLEEJOHN-43ASHLEEJOHN-44ASHLEEJOHN-45ASHLEEJOHN-46ASHLEEJOHN-47Jayna Watkins PhotographyJayna Watkins PhotographyJayna Watkins PhotographyASHLEEJOHN-48Jayna Watkins PhotographyJayna Watkins PhotographyASHLEEJOHN-49ASHLEEJOHN-50ASHLEEJOHN-51ASHLEEJOHN-52ASHLEEJOHN-53ASHLEEJOHN-54This photo made me cry. Seeing Ashlee dance with her father and wiping away his tears was a priceless moment.ASHLEEJOHN-55ASHLEEJOHN-56ASHLEEJOHN-57Jayna Watkins Photography

Wasn't that fun?

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It’s hard to pick a favorite. The one I love the most is the close up of Ashlee in The Inn and you have it in black and white too. Job well done

Thank you!! I had such a hard time narrowing it down to around sixty images for the blog post, especially when it came to her bridal portraits!


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