Alexis + Jagger // Engaged

This blog post is a little extra special! Alexis and Jagger are two of my favorite people, and I am SO excited to be a bridesmaid in their wedding this September! These two have a love that I have been privileged to witness for such a long time. I photographed their proposal this past Fall, and you can check out that blog post here! For their engagement photos, we spent a few hours at Panther Creek State Park in Morristown, with the perfect lighting and weather making for an AMAZING setting! Here are a few of my favorite photos from their session. It was SO hard to narrow it down to about 50 of my favorites, especially when you have a couple this gorgeous!AJ2017-2AJ2017-4AJ2017-5AJ2017-7AJ2017-9AJ2017-10AJ2017-11AJ2017-14AJ2017-16AJ2017-17AJ2017-19AJ2017-21AJ2017-22AJ2017-24AJ2017-31AJ2017-32AJ2017-34AJ2017-35AJ2017-38AJ2017-40AJ2017-42AJ2017-41AJ2017-44AJ2017-48AJ2017-51AJ2017-52AJ2017-55Alexis told me she would like for us to shoot some photos at the lake, but we had NO idea the water would be so cold! This shot was right after they had dipped their toes in the freezing water for the first time.AJ2017-61AJ2017-67I said this same thing in Facebook post, but this photo made me cry the first time it came up on my computer screen. Alexis has been one of my absolute best friends in the entire world since 2013, and it makes me SO incredibly joyful to see her this happy and in love. I’m so thankful that Jagger came into her life. They are such a perfect unit, and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them! AJ2017-71AJ2017-77AJ2017-78AJ2017-82AJ2017-84AJ2017-88AJ2017-89AJ2017-91AJ2017-96AJ2017-98AJ2017-103AJ2017-101When your BFF is this gorgeous, you’ve got to get a few shots of just her.AJ2017-109AJ2017-112AJ2017-114That laugh!!! Such JOY!AJ2017-115AJ2017-123AJ2017-125AJ2017-128AJ2017-127

Wasn't that fun?

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