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Briana + Alex // April 22, 2017

I am SO excited to be sharing Briana and Alex’s blog post with you! Their beautiful military wedding was the day after my birthday, and I had so much fun photographing them and their beautiful little girl Nora. We were so blessed to have almost perfect weather about 95% of the day. In fact, it didn’t start a downpour until the moment that Briana and Alex left their reception! Here are some of my favorite photographs from their beautiful military wedding.

1Jayna Watkins PhotographyJayna Watkins PhotographyJayna Watkins Photography509B3159nowm509B3197nowm509B3230nowmI can honestly say that I have never felt SO blessed to photograph a wedding. Every groom and bride is special, but seeing someone in our nation’s military marry the love of his life is extra special.509B3244nowm509B3255nowm509B3281nowm509B3302nowmJayna Watkins PhotographyJayna Watkins PhotographyThis photo makes me tear up. Three generations getting ready together for Mommy’s big day!509B3485nowm509B3646nowm509B3710nowmJayna Watkins Photography509B3800nowm509B3816nowm509B3990nowm509B4034nowm509B4053nowm509B3770nowmJayna Watkins PhotographyJayna Watkins PhotographyJayna Watkins PhotographyJayna Watkins PhotographyJayna Watkins Photography509B4243nowm509B4304nowmIMG_4521nowmJayna Watkins Photography509B4358nowm509B4362nowm509B4408nowmJayna Watkins PhotographyAlex not only said vows to his beautiful wife, but he also had some special words for Nora. I’ve never cried so much at a wedding I was photographing!509B4450nowm509B4469nowm“I know Mommy and Daddy are saying their vows, but I can’t sit still much longer!”509B4487nowm509B4545nowmJayna Watkins Photography509B4557nowm509B4629nowm509B4732nowmJayna Watkins Photography509B4869nowmJayna Watkins PhotographyJayna Watkins Photography509B4974nowmJayna Watkins PhotographyJayna Watkins Photography509B5110nowm509B5139nowm509B5145nowmTHIS is pure joy, knowing you have just married the love of your life.IMG_5222nowm509B5164nowm509B5645nowm509B5672nowm509B5706nowm509B5714nowm509B5724nowm509B5729nowm509B5213nowm509B5355nowm“Why is Daddy dancing with someone other than me?!”509B5370nowm509B5391nowm509B5432nowm509B5777nowm

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