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Salt + Light

My friend Sam reached out to me a few months ago, asking me if I would be interested in collaborating with her on a project ABOUT women FOR women. Sam and I have both gone through a divorce in the past year, and we were able to connect with each other and relate to each other’s pain and frustration. We both felt like God had put us in each other’s lives for a purpose. Sam came up with the idea of doing a styled shoot for women that have dealt with divorce, abandonment, and loss. When you are going through such a devastating transition in life, it can feel like you are alone. Discarded. Unloved. Scared.

I felt all of those things, and many more.

But the amazing thing about Christ’s love is that in Him, you are NONE of those things! He doesn’t throw you out. He love you. He takes away fear. In Him, we are made new.

With each woman, the first few photos represent how we might feel when going through traumatic change in our lives. Anxiety. Pain. Abuse.

But the last few photos with each woman? THOSE are the photos that represent who we are in Christ. He has made us whole. New. Worthy.

Anxiety vs. Strength

Pain vs. Healing

Abuse vs. Peace














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