Erica + Justin // Engagement

First of all, is anyone else feeling like they are needing a fresh start in 2018? My hand is raised! I can’t believe that this year is over, but I am so grateful to have all things new. A new calendar, a new outlook on my personal life, and a new Excel document for bookkeeping. 😂 Anyway, let’s get to today’s blog post!

Erica and Justin (and Owen!) met me at Cades Cove last fall for their engagement session. Funny story – once you enter Cades Cove, you lose cell service. We knew this would happen, but we didn’t anticipate not being able to find each other…for at least forty-five minutes. When we finally met up (who knew there were so many places to park at Cades Cove?!), we were so relieved! With that little bit of craziness out of the way, we headed to our destination. We had perfect weather, a gorgeous skyline, and the Smoky Mountains as our backdrop. Owen was SUCH a good sport and posed for every single photo. We even managed to get Erica’s engagement ring on Owen’s nose for the cutest photo ever! (You’ll agree once you see it.) Here are my favorite images from their engagement session!


Wasn't that fun?

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