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2017 Bloopers + Behind-the-Scenes

This is my most fun blog post to write because it is full of all sorts of bloopers and behind-the-scenes shots from my wedding in 2017! I’ve gathered my favorite funny shots from my second shooters, as well as some iPhone pics, that represent what goes on behind-the-scenes at a JWP wedding. Enjoy!

My FAVORITE place to shoot wedding details is outside because of the natural light.


If we don’t get a chance to eat during the reception, we shove cake down our throats in the car!


I think she was trying to be incognito, but it didn’t really work…


She’s the best veil-throwing, Snapple peach tea drinking, matching second shooter a girl could have.


Oh, you know. Typical sight at an East Tennessee wedding…bagpipes.


There was only so much room on the golf cart, so Austin was kind enough to let the ladies ride to the portraits location. 😂


Either I was telling this bride to do bicep curls, or I just tend to talk with my hands.


Selfie with a snoozing tiger in the background.


Hot apple cider at a wedding reception?! Be still my heart.


The beginning of the windiest wedding day I have ever experienced.


Joe was probably looking for a way out of having to be my second shooter.


THAT WIND. I told y’all!


We’re not even going to discuss my hair at this point.


Joe can’t even let me eat in peace.


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