Courtney + Eric // Sunset Engagement Session – With Their Dog!

I told Jordan I wish we had brought Levi (his gorgeous and sweet dog) to our engagement session, but we both agree he wouldn’t have behaved as well as Ollie did! Courtney and Eric are getting married next year, and they brought their sweet dog to their engagement session at Mead’s Quarry in October. (In case you haven’t noticed, this is one of my FAVORITE locations for engagement sessions – and pretty much any other type of shoot!) They brought some friends along to take Ollie on walks every now and then so we could get photos of his parents being all lovey-dovey without him. 😉 I LOVED all of the light we had at their engagement session, and it was so warm that it was hard to believe that it was mid-October. (Seriously, I can never predict what the weather will be like on any given day in East Tennessee.)

Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session!C+E-1C+E-23C+E-39C+E-45C+E-21C+E-4C+E-25C+E-43C+E-52C+E-35C+E-6C+E-11C+E-28C+E-9C+E-17C+E-41C+E-15C+E-31C+E-55C+E-60C+E-64C+E-73C+E-85C+E-69C+E-89C+E-102C+E-117C+E-94C+E-110C+E-98C+E-124C+E-127C+E-147C+E-151C+E-133C+E-148C+E-138C+E-149C+E-155C+E-158

Wasn't that fun?

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