Preparing for Wedding Day Detail Shots

Today’s wedding planning blog post is all about preparing for your wedding day detail shots! One of the most special things a couple will plan for their wedding day is all of the details they will be wearing or carrying. Family heirlooms and gifts often come into play, so I always want to make sure and capture all of the details you have brought in a beautiful and meaningful way! Here are eight tips for planning your detail shots!

List of Details

We all know about the dress, but there are SO many items that I capture as part of your detail shots. Here is a list of all of the items I ask for when photographing your details: 




-all three rings




-gifts/notes to your future spouse

-handwritten vows

-something old/new/borrowed/blue

-invitations and save-the-dates, including envelopes

-perfume bottle

-extra florals if possible

-groom’s watch, cufflinks, shoes, tie, socks, etc. if you want groom detail shots as well (which I highly suggest!)

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Remember a Cute Hanger

One of the biggest things that brides forget to bring is a pretty hanger for their wedding dress! You don’t have to splurge on a custom-made hanger with your new last name on it; instead, you can buy a simple wooden or silk hanger in your wedding color. Your wedding gown cost a lot of money – why not spend a little extra finding a pretty hanger to put it on?

Have the Dress and Shoes Ready

Something that happens often is arriving and finding the dress with tags on it or buttons left unbuttoned. For a perfect dress shot, we’ll need ALL of the buttons buttoned/zippers zipped. That way it hangs on the hanger in a flattering way and doesn’t look misshapen! I always ask that the dress is out of the bag, fastened, and waiting for me when I arrive on the wedding day. If I end up having to button it myself, that can often take up a significant time of your detail shots. One quick way to get the dress buttoned or unbuttoned is with crochet needles! You will also want to make sure and have your shoes fastened.

Your Wedding Invitation

One detail that is often forgotten on the wedding day is the invitation suite and save-the-dates. You have spent a LOT of money on these items, so it’s definitely important to have them photographed! Your wedding invitation is something that is unique to your wedding day because it has YOUR names, date, and where you’re tying the knot written on it. No one else’s invitation suite can look the same! It’s also often one of the only ways that your wedding date will appear in any of your wedding photos.

Rings + Jewelry

I will photograph all THREE rings, so don’t give them to the maid of honor or best man until after we’re done! You also want to make sure you have ALL of the jewelry you will be wearing in a box with your rings. I will photograph you putting on your earrings, bracelets, and necklace, so don’t put those on until it’s time for getting ready photos.

Groom Details

Every bride focuses on her own detail shots – it’s only natural! But if your hubby-to-be has special details as well, let me capture those! A lot of grooms will wear a special watch or cuff links on their wedding day. Some even wear funky socks. These items are just as special as the bridal details, so have those with your details so that we can do two sets of detail shots – his and hers!


I need thirty minutes to photograph all of the details, unless my couples are only wanting the dress photographed. With thirty minutes, I can do shots of each of your details individually, flatlays with all of them together, and photos of your dress somewhere pretty on the venue property. It often takes ten minutes alone just for the dress photos. Styling flatlays can be complicated and involve a lot of micro adjustments, so it isn’t something that can be rushed. 


I don’t always take photos of the bouquet with the rest of your details, as bouquets are often so large that it can hard to capture good photos with your flowers on their side or in a vase. Instead, I typically only capture up-close photos of your bouquet in your hands during bridal portraits. However, if you love your flowers and want them as part of your detail shots, I suggest ordering a few loose blooms or pieces of greenery from your florist so that we can incorporate those into your detail shots!

I hope all of these tips were helpful in preparing for the detail shots that will be taken on your wedding day! Here are a few more blog posts for anyone planning their wedding:

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