Here are some frequently asked questions from clients of mine.

If you hire me as your photographer, here are some things you should know!

Should I look on Pinterest for photo ideas?

It is up to you! I bring some ideas for particular shots to the shoot, but most of the session time is spent doing photos that we set up on the spot. I’ve been shooting since 2012, and have learned many posing tips and tricks along the way! Feel free to bring any ideas you have with you, but remember that the most natural and best poses happen in the moment.

Can I put the photos on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.?

Absolutely! If you do, please put in the album name or caption that they were taken by Jayna Biery Photography. Do not use filters or crop the images in any way.

How soon will I get my photos?

Wait time for portrait sessions is 3-4 weeks, and wait time for weddings is 8-12 weeks.

Photos are delivered in two different formats. Clients will receive:

  1. An online gallery
  2. A disc or USB

Where can I find my photos online?

I post them on my photography Facebook page at Jayna Biery Photography, my website at jaynabieryphotography.com, and my Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

How much would it cost to get extra flash drives or discs?

Extra discs are $5.00 each.

Extra flash drives are $10.00 each for lifestyle sessions, and $15.00 each for weddings.


“I highly recommend Jayna to capture any special moment in your life. You won’t regret it!” -N+J

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